5 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Organizing Your Home

Hey everyone, I’m so disappointed in myself for how few blog posts I’ve published so far in 2020, but we all know this pregnancy has been a whirlwind of change for me. I hope to get better about publishing more blog posts as I have a whole list of posts I owe you. Even though there hasn’t been much action over here with the blog, I’ve been super busy at home organizing our home and preparing for this baby so I thought I would share some of the ways that I’ve been preparing our house starting with the purging unnecessary items and spring cleaning. Fortunately, I didn’t have to do this alone. I had the help of Sara West from South Coast Organizers.

organized spice rack

When Sara reached out to me with the idea of collaborating together on home organization, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I’m actually a pretty well-organized person, but everyone has areas in their homes that could use some improvement including me. In fact, our garage has been a disaster for the past year and with the all of the new baby gear and equipment arriving, we knew we needed to make more room. Also, our pantry along with a few kitchen cabinets definitely needed some attention too. Once Blake and I made a decision together, Sara visited my house and took photos and measurements of each of the areas. Then she sent me some proposals with different options for organization products, tools and storage bins.

organized coffee mug cabinet

I was able to look through the proposal and click on individuals products links to approve them before she ordered. While I love a clean look, I also like to see what is inside of the bins, so we went with a combination of clear and grey bins with labels of course. Scroll through this post to see before and after photos along with 5 tips from Sara on how to get your home organized.

organization products

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Garage Organization:

messy garage

how to organize your garage

peloton bike

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Organizing Your Home by Sara West:

  1. Start small!

Once you organize a small area in your home like a drawer or closet, you will get the momentum you need to tackle bigger spaces.

  1. Be intentional with your space.

Give everything you own a home from you clothes down to batteries and lightbulbs. Decide where every necessary item you have will live and make space for it.

  1. Declutter 2-4 times a year.

We tend to focus on getting organized at the beginning of each year but it is a process. Choose a few times a year to comb through your entire house and donate items you aren’t using or don’t need anymore. Smaller decluttering sessions will take less time then having one big purge each year.

  1. Don’t put an item down, put it away!

The key to staying organized is putting things back where they belong. If you’ve taken the time to give everything a designated spot, tidying up with go quicker and your home will stay organized.

  1. Ask for help when you need it.

If you have tried and failed to get organized, call an expert for help. A professional organizer will take into consideration your space and lifestyle to create and execute a plan for the organized house of your dreams.

Pantry Organization:

I know that woven baskets look so much prettier when it comes to storage, but I like how you easily you can just wipe out these plastic Y-Weave Basket Binsin the case of  accidental spill or food explosion in the pantry.

pantry organization

Coffee Cabinet Organization:

messy coffee mug cabinet

This clear riser made all the difference in my coffee mug cabinet. It’s great for dish cabinets too.

spice rack

This Bamboo Expandable Step Shelf makes it so much easier to see all of my spices at once while cooking.

spice shelf

I hope you found these organization tips helpful. Next up, the baby room!

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kitchen organization

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wardrobe organization products

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bathroom organization

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