Hey there and thanks for stopping by!

My journey with blogging and Haute Off The Rack began in 2012 before being a blogger was actually a career path! My goal at the beginning was to share personal reviews and styling tips as a sort of online resume with the hope of getting a job in the fashion industry.

Flash forward tweleve years and I’ve successfully forged my own path in the industry that I never could have imagined at the time. Haute Off The Rack has evolved with my life and interests over the years to include everything from general lifestyle to events, travel, recipes, and life with a family.

We’ve grown up a little since the early years. You can still see some of my very first blogs on trends like ball gown skirts, neon heels & bright colored denim. My life milestones have unfolded online: from my wedding(s) to my husband Blake and the birth of my sons, Beckham and Brooks. But my vision from day one has stayed the same– to help women see past what’s on the rack and envision their own wardrobes in a new way, inspiring them to feel confident and beautiful.

My love of fashion has led to some incredible opportunities including design collaborations with Gigi New York and most recently, the launch of my own Fall Collection with Gibson Look this past September. We have now designed and created more than 25 pieces together and some of those items even turned into the brand’s best sellers like the Jennifer Shirt Dress and the mock neck midi dress.

If you’re new here: my style is chic, bohemian-glam and I like to offer my audience a mix of high and low price points as well as local and international options. I’m so happy you chose to come to my page and I hope you’ll find my content relatable, inspirational and interesting.