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Guest Blogger: Heather Chauvin of Tealou & Sweetpea

Photos by: Max Zoghbi

This is incredibly simple, cheap, AND awesomely patriotic. So here we go!

What you’ll need:

  1.  Jean shorts you wish you wore more often (or you can buy some jeans from Goodwill for $4 and cut them!)
  2. Three bottles of acrylic craft paint (I used Americana from Hobby Lobby, $.99 each. I went with more of a dark red and navy instead of primaries but that’s up to you!)
  3. Paintbrush (I used an inch wide regular art paintbrush I had lying around)
  4. Star stencil (I used a piece of cardstock, drew a star (chinese star will work!), and then cut it out with an exacto knife on a wooden cutting board, or you can just buy one from hobby lobby)
  5. (Optional) Foam letter stamps from hobby lobby ($2.99). Any stamp or stencil will work!


  1. I started with the stripes on the right side. I chose not to use tape because I was aiming for a semi messy look. So paint vertical lines of red, avoiding the pockets. Then paint the white stripes in between. While messy is cute, you still want to keep the width of the stripes pretty consistent.
  2. Next, I took the star stencil & placed it close to the bottom of the shorts. I then painted white inside the star starting at the center and working into the points and quickly found out this didn’t work. The paint leaked under the stencil a little bit and I had to end up going back and reshaping the blob into a star. I suggest starting at the points of the star painting inward to the center to avoid the paint getting trapped under the stencil. A light layer is best. You can always go back and add more white. I actually ended up liking the stars with less paint best.
  3. Continue painting the stars, moving the stencil along to the right. It’s ok if your stencil is on top of the previous star. It’s ok if the stars aren’t exactly lined up. Once you have a row, start working your way up the shorts placing the stencil directly between the tops of two stars of the previous row.
  4. Once you are out of room to put stars, go back and add just tips of the stars to the edges. This really makes a huge difference! Imagine the stars continuing in line and place the stencil accordingly.
  5. Now carefully paint the blue around the stars.
  6. If you have a tiny pocket, go ahead and paint that opposite of the design on the current side.
  7. Let the front dry. I used a blow dryer to speed up the process.
  8. For the back, follow the same procedure. Blow dry. Then stamp “USA” on the striped side (Optional)

UPDATE: Here is the photo of the shorts after I ran them through the wash on Cold/Delicate and laid flat to dry.

A big thank you to Heather Chauvin of Tealou & Sweetpea for guest blogging on Haute Off The Rack and sharing how to make these fun and patriotic shorts.  If you love Heather’s fun and innovative ideas, make sure to visit her at Tealou & Sweetpea.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leather Lovin’


 My leather loves:  1) Topshop Clean Biker Jacket   2) Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac   3) Boutique 9 Charmaine Bootie

4) La Mer Collections Pyramid Studded Wrap Watch  5) AG black leatherettes   6) Topshop Sleeveless Biker Jacket 

Good Morning readers!  In case you haven’t noticed in previous posts, I am a huge fan of leather!  I’m especially obsessed with these Boutique 9 leather fringe peep-toe booties!  Those of you who live in the South like me probably think I’m crazy for promoting leather items while it’s 100 degrees outside.  However, eventually the temperature will drop some and that’s when these leather pieces will come in handy.  I think that by simply adding a touch of leather to your summer wardrobe gives your outfits a chic and edgy look.  Plus, donning a leather jacket or vest is the perfect way to wear your sun dresses and bright-colored tops well into the Fall.

Back to the Boutique 9 booties from Nine West, if you purchase a pair of shoes from Nine West right now you get 50% OFF of the second pair of equal or lesser value!  Just click the ad below to shop!

P.S.  Here is a sneak peek of a future outfit post!  Also, follow me on Instagram @Jennifarrr for updates on the upcoming giveaway!

NOLA Baubles & Bloggers Brunch

Good Morning readers!  This past Sunday I attended the NOLA Fashion Council Baubles & Bloggers Brunch with Brighton Keller (Brighton The Day), her friend Allison and my best friend Jessica.  We had such a great time catching up while enjoying 25 cent mimosas and delicious brunch at Saint Marie.  We also got to meet each one of the featured designers as well as other local Baton Rouge Bloggers and even the special guest bloggers from New York like Brooklyn Blonde, My Style Pill, Saucy Glossie, East Sleep Wear and Keikolynn.

Above: Jessica, me, Brighton & Allison

Outfit: Silk V-neck tank (Thank you to Amanda Uprichard),  BCBG Power Bandage skirt in Aqua (Thank you to Femme Fatale),  Young Yo Yo Yeung white blazer (Thank you to Park Lane),  Nude pointed toe pumps (Boutique 9)

Jewelry: Saint Claude necklace (Thank you to The Villa), Gold cross necklace (Thank you to Cuckoo’s Nest), Two-tone watch (Michael Kors)  Ivory beaded bracelet (Thank you to Femme Fatale)

P.S. Make sure to take advantage of the Friends & Family sale at Max & Chloe!  Promotion ends 6.27.12, just enter code: FF0612 at checkout to receive 20% OFF your purchase!  Click the ad below to shop!

Have a great day!

Amanda Uprichard Faves & Warehouse Sale!

 Morgan 2 pocket blouses

{Left: Hight Low Shirt in Hot Pink}     {Right: High Low Skirt in Hot Pink}

{Left: Champagne dress in Red Arizona}   {Right: Arizona Silk Brooklyn Short in Red Arizona}

{Left: Champagne dress in mint}   {Right: Tie Front Dress in Royal}

Good Morning readers! These are just a few of my favorite pieces by Amanda Uprichard!  Yesterday, Max and I shot some pieces that were sent to me from Amanda Uprichard in New York to feature on Haute Off The Rack.  She also sent me her Fall 2012 look books, and get excited because I have great news for you!  I’m hosting a giveaway with AU to promote the relaunch of their website in the Fall of 2012.  You will get a chance to win a piece from Amanda Uprichard’s Fall 2012 collection, which I have seen and adore!!  Don’t worry she is sending me some Fall pieces eventually for me to feature so you will get to see them too!!  You have no idea how ecstatic I am about the Fall pieces we chose to feature!!!  You will just die when you see!

Today, I’m attending the Baubles and Bloggers Brunch in New Orleans presented by the NOLA fashion council featuring trunk shows by local designers.  Brighton Keller from Brighton The Day and I are going together, and we’re both really excited to meet the special guest bloggers as well all of the other local fashion bloggers.  Follow me on Instagram @Jennifarrr for updates on the B&B Brunch!

P.S.  If you’re in New York next week make sure to hit up the Amanda Uprichard Warehouse Sale!!  See the flier below for details!