0-3 Month Old Baby Travel Essentials

Hey everyone, as promised, today I’m sharing our top travel essentials from our recent beach trip with Beck. My parents own a condo in Orange Beach, which is only a few hours away from us so I’m sure we’ll be traveling there with him a lot in upcoming months. During our last trip I got so many questions on what we packed so I figured I would share a full blog post on everything we actually used.

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Beck’s jumper is by Velvet Fawn.

family beach photo

Scroll through this post to see our 0-3 month old baby travel essentials!

baby bag

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1. Baby Bibs | 2. Onesies | 3. Soothie | 4. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment | 5. Baby Boys’ Organic Cotton Socks | 6. Burp Cloths | 7. Baby Wipes | 8. Swaddle Blankets | 9. On The Go Gray Bag Dispenser| 10. Dr. Brown’s BPA Natural Flow Bottle | 11. Soundspa On-The-Go | 12. Colorblock Large Sutton | 13. Tote Savvy | 14. Nuna MIXX™ Stroller | 15. Nuna PIPA™ Car Seat | 16. Baby Backseat Mirror for Car

2. Onesies | You can never pack enough onesies for changes throughout the day when it comes in 2 month olds.

3. Soothie | Pacifiers are a must for long road trips. We don’t use the pacifier too often at home. We usually only use it around nap time if he’s fussy. He tends to get a little fussy after sitting in his carseat for a long time too.

4. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment | I never go anywhere without aquaphor for myself so I do the same for Beck because we can use it soothe diaper rash, scratches from his nails and dry skin on his face.

6. Burp Cloths | We keep burp clothes all over our house for surprise spit ups from Beck so the same goes for traveling. We keep some in his diaper bag and on his carseat so he never has to sit uncomfortable with spit up on his clothes and same for our clothes too.

8. Swaddle Blankets | We love these breathable Newton baby blankets because they’re super lightweight.

9. On The Go Gray Bag Dispenser | This little bag dispenser is a life saver when it comes to dirty diapers on-the-go. They’re easily accessible on the side of the diaper bag and they’re lavender scented too to help conceal the smell.

10. Dr. Brown’s BPA Natural Flow Bottle | I still exclusively breastfeed, but next time we plan to bring a bottle for him in the car when we can’t stop in traffic and he’s screaming crying because he’s hungry. Also, we still use slow flow nipples on bottles when we give him one so that he won’t get lazy with breastfeeding since bottles are so much easier. Also, just a tip from personal experience, we hold him upright while we feed him bottles to slow the flow even more and prevent him spitting it all up after he’s done.

11. Soundspa On-The-Go | He sleeps with a sound machine at home so we packed it for him to sleep at night at the condo, but it’s also nice to have attached to his carseat to calm him and sleep easier in the car for long rides.

12. Colorblock Large Sutton & Tote Savvy | I own both the tote savvy and the large sutton, but we’ve mostly been using our Happ diaper backpack.

14. Nuna MIXX™ Stroller & Nuna PIPA™ Car Seat | We love the safety features on this carseat. Plus it’s super lightweight.

16. Baby Backseat Mirror for Car | I love having this mirror in our backseat so I can easily check on him using the rearview mirror. He also likes to look at himself in the mirror too.

cactus onesie

How adorable is this cactus onesie from Monica & Andy? Beck wore this down to the beach with a hat and we just stayed in the shade for the short amount of time that we were down there. We didn’t pack a swim outfit for him because we didn’t plan on putting him in the water since he was only 8 weeks, but next time we’re packing this swimsuit with UPF 50+ sun protection.

baby travel essentials

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1. Soak 3-Stage Bathtub | 2. Truly Calming Lavender Shampoo + Body Wash | 3. Baby Sun Hat Adjustable | 4. Hooded Towel | 5. Baby – Washcloths | 6. Safety 1st Complete Grooming Kit | 7. Boppy Nursing Pillow | 8. Concentrated Laundry Detergent | 9. Deluxe+ Stage 1 Dock | 10. Swaddle UP Original | 11. BABYBJÖRN® | 12. Pack ‘n Play | 13. Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

1. Soak 3-Stage Bathtub | Baths are a part of Beck’s nighttime routine so we felt like bringing his own little bathtub was essential to try and keep things as close to his routine as possible and I’m so glad that we did.

7. Boppy Nursing Pillow | I actually keep a second poppy nursing pillow in the car for whenever we’re out and about so it’s easier to feed him so I just used the one that I keep in my car at the condo.

8. Concentrated Laundry Detergent(pods)| I’m surprised I actually remembered to pack his detergent, but we use a specific laundry detergent for him at home to prevent any skin irritations so I didn’t want it to be any different while we traveling either. It’s easier to pack the pods in a ziplock bag instead of the large detergent bottle though.

9. Deluxe+ Stage 1 Dock | We placed the dockatot in the pack n’ play for him to sleep in at night time and he slept in there perfectly. He usually sleeps in the halo bassinet with the halo insert at home so I was wondering how well he would sleep in something else so I was super glad he did well in the dockatot.

10. Swaddle UP Original | Beck loves his Love to Dream swaddle for daytime because he gets to keep his hands up and then we use his Ollie swaddle for night time. We made sure to pack both.

11. BABYBJÖRN® | I wore the Baby BABYBJÖRN carrier down to the beach so I could keep my hands free for carrying down other items. I highly recommend packing this carrier for travel or any events where you know you’ll have to walk around holding him for long periods of time.

12. Pack ‘n Play | We actually keep our Pack n’ Play at the condo, but it folds up really small and compact for convenience while traveling. ** See photo at the bottom!

13. Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym| I am so glad we brought his piano play gym for him to play with during the daytime since he’s still too young to play in the sand or the pool. Plus he’s obsessed with this thing. It’s probably our favorite toy for him too because it encourages him to use his legs for kicking piano keys and his arms for reaching toys.

family beach photo

Fun fact: 45 minutes before we took this photo Blake realized that he forgot to pack a shirt for family photos so he had to run to the nearest gift shop to find this Vineyard Vines button down shirt and it’s actually a really cute shirt!

piano play gym

This piano play gym is Beck’s absolute favorite toy to play with!

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pack n' play

Deluxe+ Stage 1 Dock | Pack ‘n Play | Soundspa On-The-Go

The Pack ‘n Play also comes with a removable changing station and turns into the perfect contained play area when they can sit up.

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