Rose Gold Bomber + Lace Tank

Hi everyone, if you follow me on Instagram then you know that I thought I would never wear/love a rose gold bomber so much. However, New York Fashion Week always seems to pull out my most creative and eye catching outfit ideas. When I first bought this rose gold bomber, I was obsessed with it, but I never thought I would actually wear it! Yea I’m that kind of person! I buy things even when I know I won’t actually wear them! Fortunately, when I was packing for NYFW, I found myself searching for a neutral jacket wasn’t too boring overdone and I thought of my bomber. Not only did it complete my outfit, but it took my look from casual and simple to edgy and trendy. I not gonna lie, it makes me feel a little bit like “Jenni from the block,” and I don’t hate it!







Photos by: Angie Garcia

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Outfit: Black Ripped Jeans (I cut them for a shorter and rougher hem) | Cami NYC Lace Cami (wearing sz S) | Rose Gold Bomber (wearing size US 4)| Marc Jacobs ‘West End The Jane’ Leather Saddle Bag (also available here) | Steve Madden ‘Ava’ Sandal

Jewelry: Black Velvet Choker (also available here) | Lariat c/o Elizabeth Stone Jewelry | Bangles & Rings c/o Julie Vos

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