How to Transform Any Bathroom Into a Mini Spa

Happy Sunday everyone! I know I’ve already been back home from Cabo for an entire week now, but I’m still not ready to let go of vacation. All I want to do is sit back and live my best life. Unfortunately, nothing about my home resembles Cabo so I decided to change that and headed to World Market for some new outdoor furniture and indoor accessories. I figured some new outdoor furniture would help us enjoy our back patio a little more despite the boring view of grass and a fence. Also, I picked up a bunch of bathroom essentials to make our guest bathroom feel more like a spa and place of relaxation. I would have transformed our master bathroom into a spa, but it’s still full of all the beauty products that I haven’t fully unpacked yet from the wedding. If you could use a little at-home spa and relaxation time too, pay attention because I’m sharing how to transform any bathroom into a mini spa with four main essentials!

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  1. patterned towels & bath robes— Patterned towels instantly add a hint of texture and dimension to your overall bathroom design and how can you visit a spa without a comfy robe!

2) bubble bath crystals & soaps — A soothing warm bath wouldn’t be complete without some fresh floral scented soaps and luxurious bath crystals to help soften and renew your skin.

3) body scrub & bath brushes— A part of relaxing is getting rid of all those unwanted toxins and dead skin cells so body scrub is key. I am obsessed with this invigorating charcoal body scrub.

4) moisturizer & relaxing scented candles— Last but not least, you can’t leave spa with feeling refreshed, moisturized, hydrated and relaxed.

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