5 Ways to Help You Power Through The Work Week

Happy Hump Day everyone, today I’m sharing five ways to help you power through the work week with White House Black Market. I always start to lose steam on Wednesday so I figured today would be the perfect day to share these tips! Also, quite a few of you have requested workwear outfits and WHBM is the perfect place to start looking! Scroll through this post for my tips and to see how I styled this shorts suit.

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5 Ways to Help You Power Through The Work Week

1) Get some sleep! You can’t expect to successfully make it through the work week without any sleep. I’m guilty of staying up all hours of the night trying to get things done, but then I’m useless the next morning because I’m too tired to function properly. Don’t overwork yourself to the point of sleep deprivation because it’s times like that when you’re forgetful and easily miss important details. If you need extra help with this, set an alarm on your phone to tell you when stop working just the same that you set an alarm to tell yourself when to wake up and start working.

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2) Get a cute new outfit for work to get you excited to wake up and get dressed in the morning. We all dread waking up for work sometimes, but I always look forward to strutting around in a new outfit. Unfortunately for me, I don’t work in a office setting with lots of co-workers and a boss to hold me accountable so consider yourself lucky if you do because I’m sure it helps you stay in line. I am the only one who holds myself accountable, but getting up and getting dressed in a nice outfit helps me feel more motivated to get things done even at home. I also think it makes me a better boss to myself! LOL

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3) Find something to look forward to during the work day and if you can’t find something, make something! Maybe pack yourself a special lunch or treat yourself to an afternoon ice coffee. You could even make a special playlist of songs you love that you can only listen to them while you’re at work so you look forward to getting to work just to listen to that special play list. Podcasts are great to listen to while working at your computer too as long as it doesn’t affect your actual work.

If I worked in an office, I would look forward to seeing my work friends! If you don’t have any work friends yet, be the person that people look forward to seeing at work each morning. Greet everyone with a smile each day or bring in donuts or coffee!

4) Get some sun! Yes, you heard that right! If you work in an office setting where you can take your work outside, get outdoors for a bit! Bring your laptop and enjoy some fresh air and sun

5) Hydrate and meditate! That may sound silly, but use your desk time to make sure you’re getting the right amount of water each day. Make it a point to refill your water cup at least five times a day. Plus you leave work feeling refreshed and recharged instead of drained.

As for meditating, take at least 10 minutes a day at work to step away from your phone and computer or whatever device you use at work and allow yourself to just breath. If you have the space, go for a quick walk even and stretch especially if you sit at a desk all day!

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Outfit: Pleat-Back VestConvertible CamisolePetite 7-Inch Smooth Stretch ShortsPatent Saffiano Leather Slides

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