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Lace Crochet

Photos by: Max Zoghbi

Outfit: Lace crochet dress (French Connection),  Kelly teal suede heels (Dee Keller),

Aviator sunglasses (Ray-ban),   Heatwave lipstick (Nars)

Jewelry: Hot Roks earrings (Bijoutiere),  Classic Pave link bracelet (J. Crew)

Gold and horn watch (Michael Kors)

Monogram necklace from Love boutique in Baton Rouge.  Call to order:  (225) 927-7395

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great start to your weekend.  Mine is full of work work work, but I’m so glad that next weekend is the beginning of Easter break so hopefully I’ll have a nice relaxing few days.  I’ll post a styled board of Easter outfits at some point this week to give you some ideas.  Anyway, back to the outfit… This French Connection shift dress is absolutely stunning in person.  The lace crocheted material gives the dress a vintage vibe, and you can’t help but notice the beautiful scalloped detail throughout the fabric.  I have always been a huge fan of French Connection becuase they create such classic pieces while still maintaining a fresh and innovative style.

I of course added some color by pairing it with my Bijoutiere earrings, and one of my favorite pairs of Dee Keller shoes, the Kelly in teal suede. You’ll see my other favorite Dee Keller shoes styled in different outfits very soon!  If you’re interested in purchasing these shoes please contact Dee Keller at!

My Dee Keller Faves!

Photo Credits: Brighton The Day and Dee Keller Facebook

1) The Brighton   2) The Stephanie   3) The Kelly    4) The Hays

 5) The Fairly   6) The Rebecca    7) The Sterline

Hello everyone!   All of these fabulous shoes are my favorites from the Dee Keller 2012 Spring collection.  I posted pictures of these particular styles because these are the shoes that I will be featuring here on Haute Off The Rack minus the Stephanie and the Sterline.  I actually do not have the Stephanie, but I wanted to show you that Dee Keller offers a lower wedge for those who prefer less height.  Also, I don’t have the Sterline, I have the Rhonda which is the same style wedge except it’s tan and black. Originally my favorite shoe was the Kelly in teal suede, but then Dee brought me the Brighton when it arrived the other day.  Now I can’t decide!  Which ones do you like?

It’s so amazing to see all of her shoes after production in Italy.  I remember when she came to Dallas market with us back in October 2011 to display her shoes to buyers for the first time, and now they’re finally all here.  These are just a few from her collection, but there are plenty more she has to offer this season. Plus you won’t believe your eyes once you see what she has in store for Fall 2012.  Needless to say, She’s an amazingly talented woman and has been such an inspiration to me.  I can’t wait to show you how I styled all of these of these shoes.  You can see how her daughter Brighton Keller has styled some of these shoes at If you’re interested in purchasing any of these shoes please contact Brighton or Dee at and, or we carry the Rebecca, the Fairly and the Sterline at Park Lane boutique.

Check out the photos below to see how I styled the Fairly and the Kelly or see posts:F.I.F: Brighton Keller or Plain and Simple

Have a great day!

Printed High Low Skirt

Photos by: Max Zoghbi

Outfit:  Sheer cold shoulder top (LF stores),  Printed high low skirt (Rodeo),  black heels old (BCBG)

Jewelry/Accessories:  black fringe purse (Brenchley),  Virgins Saints and Angels necklace (Eros),

Brass gold earrings (Forever 21),  Gold and horn watch (Michael Kors)

Shanghai Express lipstick (Nars)

Morning everyone!  I picked up this skirt from Rodeo in Baton Rouge and just had to show you!  It’s such a fabulous skirt!  I paired it with on of my favorite tops from LF that I bought a few summers back in La Jollla, California.  If you’ve never been to an LF store I highly recommend finding the nearest location to you!

P.S. You know I had to add a pop of color somewhere so I used a matted red lipstick called Shanghai Express by Nars.  Lipstick is such a great way to incorporate some color into your outfit!

Lace and Suede

Photos by: Max Zoghbi

Outfit: Suede shorts (Forever 21),  Of2Minds lace top (UAL),  Fringe sandals (,

feather earrings from Costa Rica,  Connected ring bracelet (vintage), necklace (Bijoutiere)

Good morning! What do you think of this casual Boho Chic look? I got these suede shorts from Forever 21 on sale and thought they would go perfect with Meghan’s boho style so we went through her entire closet to find the perfect pieces to achieve the look we were going for.  Once we found all the clothing we needed we added a really cool bracelet connected to a ring for the finishing touch!  This was actually my favorite outfit out of all three of her posts.  Which one did you like best?  Make sure to let let me know your favorite by clicking the Facebook like button located beneath each one of her posts!

This is my last post on F.I.F: Meghan Price so I would just like to thank her for being such an amazing asset to Haute Off The Rack and for all of the support she has given me thus far!

P.S.  I have some unique jewelry by Samanca coming soon with a connected ring bracelet available for purchase that I’ll be featuring on Haute Off The Rack so keep checking back!