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Outfit: J brand Photo Ready Cropped Mid Rise Skinny Jean | Current Elliott Tee | Sam Edelman Becker <–SALE Alert! | Layla Bootie c/o Fatal Obsessions | Bag Tag, iPad Case, Card Holder, Madison Crossbody & Jessica Tote c/o Gigi New York | Kate Spade Notepad

Jewelry: Layered Necklaces c/o Gorjana | Bracelets c/o Loren Hope

Good Morning readers, it is currently 3 am and I hate the fact that I’m awake on top of the fact that I didn’t finish packing until 1:30 am. That’s what happens when you procrastinate the night before your 6 am flight to New York Fashion Week.  With that being said I must be short because I am minutes away from leaving for the airport, but these are some items you’d find in my carry-on bag and  this is one of my two outfit choices to wear on the plane today.



Fitness Apparel c/o Pure Barre Metairie (Thanks so much to Jenn Bodin!)

Good Morning readers, tomorrow morning I leave for New York Fashion Week! So excited! Here is some of what I’ve been doing to help me prepare and feel confident in my outfits during fashion week and why I think you should try Pure Barre too!

10 Reasons To Try Pure Barre

1) “Pure Barre Workouts incorporate small isometric exercieses at the ballet barre to burn fat, lift your seat, taper your waistline and tone your thighs, abs and arms.” -Pure Barre IP, LLC

2) You’ll see results within the first two weeks of class!

3) Pure Barre is for women of all ages. Even though the classes are challenging, the exercises do not include quick or large movements, which can harm your joints. This is good news for you pregnant ladies because you can continue to take classes all throughout your entire pregnancy.

4) “PB the workout is considered the most athletic, effective and motivating of the barre techniques.” -Pure Barre IP, LLC

5) “PB strengthens the musicales and then lengthens them right back out to create a long, lean look rather than bulk and mass.” -Pure Barre IP, LLC

6) The Pure Barre choreography/routine constantly changes to keep the routine fresh and you’ll never take the same exact class two days in a row!

7) You don’t have to wear shoes and you get to wear comfortable socks and leggings!

8) You literally feel the burn while you’re doing the exercises. It’s kind of like when you use a really good face wash that makes your face tingle so you know it’s really working. PB gives you a similar feeling except you feel the tingling (burning) in your muscles so you know you’re body is really engaged in the workout.

9) I started PB to tone up some before New York Fashion Week and I absolutely saw/felt results after the first two weeks of class. My muscles look and feel more defined.

10) You will feel better about yourself and overall more confident. I’m not going to lie… sometimes during the 90 second plank I just want to fall over and die, but once I complete the 55 minute class I feel so empowered and proud of myself. Life is better at the Barre!

Sign up for your first class here!–






The plank and warm-up includes 90 seconds of firing up your abs and building core strength.



The chair position creates long, lean, toned and thin thighs.


The pretzel position is for working on that muffin top area, slimming in the upper seat and losing inches in those hard to get places.


In the below move, we are working on thighs again. The higher the heels the thinner the thighs! Velcro tube creates extra core work off the barre so the full body is engaged.



Below, we’re working on creating that “pure barre ledge” by lifting the seat up off the thigh  and working in the crease of the seat.


Here we’re all about the lower, middle and side abs which is why we’re sitting in the deep “c curve” position on the wall. Those are the muscles that pull in the abs creating flat abs in record time!




This move works the thighs and the outside of your seat. 



What we’re doing below is called knee dancing!! Again creating thin thighs. Huge calorie burner and man does it burn!


The side arm plank works the abs and core.






Thank you so much to the New Orleans and Metairie PB owner, Jenn Bodin and the Mandeville, LA owner, Hope Clay for the amazing opportunity and experience at Pure Barre. Also, a big thank you to the instructors and clients who participated in this post: Sarah Tennyson (manager & product supervisor), Erin Martin (instructor), Emily Cheramie (client).

Keep your eye out for Jenn Bodin’s new blog launching this week, Health Hard! Follow along with her on Instagram at @Health_Hard!


Photos by: Kaela Rodehorst Photography

One more huge thank you to my friend Abbey Brandon of District Dress Up for inspiring me to give Pure Barre a whirl. You can view her Pure Barre review here–>  My Fitness/Exercise Routine with Pure Barre DC

For more first-timer tips, check out 10 Tips for Your First Pure Barre Class with My Life Well Loved!


Happy Labor Day readers, in case you missed my live segment with WBRZ news featuring makeup artist, Ashley Sivert this past week, you can view it below or by clicking this link–>Live With Ashley Sivert Beauty & Haute Off The Rack  Also, below the video are some photos from segment as well as links to purchase all of the products mentioned in the show.





You can purchase the Glow Under Eye Brightener, Velvet Creme Foundation and Mineral Powder at  If you’re unsure of your ASB shade or just want to try the makeup out, you can purchase a tester package!  Sievert and her team also offer in-studio makeup applications and take in over 138 bridal parties per year. So get booking ladies!

Ashley Sievert Beauty:  Open Tuesday-Friday or by appointment

3331 Severn Ave. | Suite 204 | Metairie, La 70002

Do you remember my first makeover with Ashley Sievert last Summer? She blew me away with her amazing new face makeup line. See photos below and view the entire post here–> Haute Off The Rack Gets A Makeover By Ashley Sievert | Follow along with ASB on Instagram at @AshleySivertBeauty!



Skincare Preparation Before Applying Makeup

As I stated in the title of the this post, I am all about the face! Taking care of my skin is one of my number one priorities, which is exactly why I chose to try Rodan + Fields when I started to feel like my facial complexion was looking dull. I used to always get compliments on my skin, but as of late those compliments have been pretty hard to come by so I knew I had to do something.

  Usually, I’m skeptical of skincare products that people say “changed their lives,” but I had been hearing so many good things about Rodan + Fields from multiple people that I thought why not give it a try. Fortunately, Rodan + Fields consultant, Christina Donze reached out to see if I was interested in reviewing the product on my blog.  Since I had been wanting to try something new to get my skin back to its old self, I saw this as the perfect opportunity.

Let me start off by saying that this is not a sponsored post for Rodan + Fields, I just wanted to share my personal experience with you in case you’re interested in improving your skin care routine.  With that being said, I honestly saw results within the first two weeks of using the Reverse skin care regimen and it wasn’t long before other people started to notice as well.

I remember the first time someone noticed my skin was after a long day of Red Dress Run in New Orleans. In case you aren’t familiar with Red Dress Run, it’s a celebration outside in the French Quarter during August, which is the hottest time of the year in New Orleans. Anyway, reason I’m telling you that is because at the end of the day after I practically sweat my face off, one of my boyfriend’s friends told me I had a really good skin. When a guy notices that your skin looks good, it means your skin looks GOOD!!! After that night, people began to notice more and more and my face even felt smoother and appeared brighter.  I can’t wait to see the results after three months considering what I’ve seen after only using Rodan + Fields for a month. Make sure to check back in two months for my final review.

Contact for any additional information or if you’re interested in consultation so you can try these amazing products yourself.

To receive your own personalized recommendations and daily skin care routine, just answer these quick questions–> Solutions Tool

P.S. I just want to mention two more products that I use to keep my skin looking fresh. I use my Clarisonic Mia2 Sonic Skin Cleansing Ace Clarifying Collection every other day and I always apply DermAware’s Anti-oxidant Moisturizer (oil-free hydration) after my Reverse skin care routine. I also suggested Philosophy’s Supernatural Tinted Primer with SPF 15 before running out the door without any makeup.


















Photos by: Kaela Rodehorst Photography

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Outfit: Iconic White Shirt c/o White House Black Market | J Brand Mid Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans | Dahlia Heels & Bailey Cross-body Bag c/o Elaine Turner |

Jewelry: Rings & Layered Neckalces c/o Gorjana <– SALE Alert! Get 25% OFF your entire purchase w/ code: LABORDAY25 | Michael Kors Lexington Trilogy Watch 

Good Morning readers, I like this white top so much I decided to style it with a few more transitional looks just to show you how versatile it is! For this look, I just swapped out my jeans for a darker wash, added a new metallic handbag and traded in the calf hair pumps for some peep-toe booties with zipper details. Super Easy and effortlessly chic!

5 Key Pieces for an Easy Transition Into Fall:

1) Peep-toe & Ankle Booties

2) Deconstructed Denim

3) A White Shirt, Neutral or Plaid Shirt (I like to tie my plaid shirt around my waist)

4) A New Accessory in Haute Color For Fall: Wine, Leopard Print, Blush, Nude or Grey

5) Simple Layering Jewelry & Statement Pieces to Elevate Your Total Look 

Get 25% OFF Your Entire Purchase at Gorjana w/ code: LABORDAY25

P.S. I’ll be posting more about Labor Day sales later today! Enjoy your 3-day weekend!