What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bags For Labor & Delivery During The Pandemic

Hey everyone, one of my most asked questions recently is what are you packing for the hospital especially now with all the new pandemic regulations. To answer your question, if there was a person who packed like there was a pandemic before there ever was one…it’s me! Ask anyone who knows me, I comes a lot of baggage! Literally though. I’ve been this way since I was a kid so you may not find some of these items necessary, but I’m going to share everything with you. Also, I had a lot of help from my friends Kathleen Barnes and Krystal Faircloth who both had babies within the past year. So I feel extra prepared.

baby room

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**Important Information:

In case you are unaware of the new Labor & Delivery Department policies during this pandemic, you may only have one visitor at the hospital and that visitor is not allowed to leave them room until you have been discharged with the baby. This means you have to pack absolutely everything you might need including extra clothing if you end up having to stay longer. This changes a lot of things because it also means that Blake isn’t allowed to leave and grab food or something we left at home. We also won’t be able to have our families see the baby or have our photographer come to snap a few photos. Fortunately, they will at least be providing the visitors with cafeteria meals and I have my fingers crossed that one of the nurses won’t mind grabbing a photo of the three of us as a new family.

Expecting moms, if you’re reading this, we’re going to be ok! We will make it through this chaotic time. Here is one positive way to look at this situation…moving forward everyone is going to be the cleanest they’ve ever been and just in time for your baby to arrive and no one will blame you for all of your specific rules when it comes to visiting with your baby.

This quarantine will not only help flatten the curve of covid-19, but it will also help prevent other viruses from spreading too! Did you think about that? Now you don’t have to worry about people passing around any other kind of illness to you or your baby!

Now if we had a choice, would we choose to have a world crisis going on in the middle of pregnancy or when our baby is born? No! Of course not! But yet here we are so how can we make the best of it? How can we still make these moments feel special? I’ll remind you again that at least everyone is being super cautious, which is very ideal when it comes to newborns! You can take this time to pray, nest, work on the baby room, write the baby book, fill up your registry and finish thank you cards. If your baby is already here, soak up all the extra time together at home. While everything else in the world may be cancelled… here are some things that aren’t:



Self care




Be kind, hopeful and positive and send those vibes back into the world and I have a feeling that we’ll come out of this even stronger and more connected than before! We’ve all experienced natural disasters and we’re all in this one together. Stay strong friends! I hope to serve as a beacon of light to you all during this time by continuing to share my life’s journey and things that bring me joy!

Scroll through this post to see everything we packed and why!

mz wallace bag

MZ Wallace Crosby Traveler Bag

What I’m Packing for Myself:

Wallet & ID card for registration

2 pairs of nursing-friendly pajamas | I’m packing this one from Target and this one from Nordstrom. I also like this short sleeve one from Pink Blush Maternity. 

Laptop & Charger | The laptop will come in handy when we want to watch Netflix.

My personal pillow & pillow case | Kathleen suggested a colored one so I know which one pillow is mine when it’s time to leave.

Blanket & Sound Machine | I can’t imagine that I’ll sleep well at the hospital, but I figured I would bring as many comfortable things as possible to make it feel more like home. We sleep with a sound machine every night so I’m bringing the baby’s portable sound machine to use to drown out the sound at the hospital.

My own towel | This was also something Krystal and Kathleen suggested to have a little more comfort and luxury from home because the hospital towels are kind of small.

Slippers | I don’t ever want my bare feet to touch the hospital floor so I’m packing slippers, socks and shower flip flops

Cozy Robe | I’m bringing a cozy robe to keep warm and that’s what I normally wear around the house with my pajamas.

Pretty Robe | I’m also packing a pretty robe to throw on to snap a few photos with the baby that Blake will take of course since photographers will not be allowed in.  This crochet trim robe is cute and comfy too

Outfit to wear home + Baby Name Necklace | I’m packing a couple of flowy dress options and sandals to wear home. I really like this blue dress and this coral dress.

treat basket

Nursing bras, nipple cream, nipple cooling pads | I  heard all of these items are vital when it comes to breastfeeding and since we don’t know how long we’ll be in the hospital for I figured I’d bring them all with me.

Dermaplast | This is a numbing pain & itch spray for your you-know-what after you give birth.

XL long phone charger & wall piece | It’s nice to have an extra long cord that reaches from the wall to the hospital bed. Don’t forget the wall piece too

Post pregnancy panties | I know the hospital gives you some postpartum underwear, but I’m bringing and extra pair just in case!

Plastic bags for dirty clothes & zip lock bags for anything I want keep from getting germs at the hospital. 

Travel Size Toiletries + Makeup Bag + Aquaphor  + Shampoo/Conditioner + Curling Wand + Wet Hair brush + Hair Spray + Hair Dryer | I never leave the house without Aquaphor because I use it for everything especially as lip repair. I plan on doing my makeup at some point to take some photos with baby because I’m sure I’ll look a little rough after giving birth.

Ponytail holders, Bobby pins, Dry Shampoo | I’m definitely packing dry shampoo in case I decided not to wash my hair in the shower at the hospital. I’m also bringing ponytails and bobby pins to keep my hair out of my face.

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins | Their prenatal includes 12 essential nutrients with high quality ingredients your body can actually absorb. I love the no-nausea capsule design so I can take my in the morning or night. Other prenatal vitamins made me nauseous or just made my stomach hurt. @ritual prenatal vitamins are vegan certified and have no shady additives, fillers or colorants. They feel gentle and easy on my stomach while helping support every stage of pregnancy. They offer free-shipping are delivered straight to your door with their easy monthly subscription service. Take 10% OFF your first 3 months with code: HAUTE

Young Living Essential Oils & Diffuser | I’ve been using YL oils for about 7 years now and I never travel without them. At the hospital, I’ll probably mainly use lavender to keep me calm, peppermint in case I get a headache or feel nauseous and peace & calming oil well for peace and calming of course! I like that I can diffuse these oils during labor with my diffuser

Thieves Hand Sanitizer | It’s my favorite because it doesn’t dry out your hand.

Colace | I’ve heard that you should start taking stool softener right after you deliver to ensure that your first postpartum bowel movements comes gently and easily. TMI I know, but it’s important to know!

Door Wreath & Gold Paint Pen for Black Board | I was so excited that The Sweetest Grace made me a special door wreath that all of my visitors would enjoy as they walked to see the baby at the hospital after he was born. It has a little black board in the middle where we could write his weight and birth date, but now the new rules we won’t have any visitors so I will actually be leaving the wreath at home and will hang it on our front door once it’s safe for us to have visitors at home. If you’re reading this post in the future when the pandemic is not an issue, I highly recommend a sweet little door wreath for the hospital to make the room feel special. 

Letter board | Since we aren’t bringing the wreath I’m packing a little 10 x 10 letter board 

Wooden Marker | I ordered this wooden marker with monthly milestones and I am bringing the one with his name on it to the hospital to make the photos feel more special.

Boppy pillow & Cover | I figured it would be nice to have my Boppy Pillow for breastfeeding at the hospital. 

Breast Pump + Supplies – I’m so glad that Krystal from a A Pinch of Lovely mentioned to pack this because I won’t know what I’m doing when I  get home, but this way I can have lactation nurses can help me with the pump and show me how it works.

Baby Book for Footprints | This didn’t even cross my mind until Krystal mentioned it so I’m so glad she did so I don’t have to worry about losing his foot prints or wrinkling the paper. I also have a book that I can write letters to him in while we’re at the hospital and my thoughts and feelings are still fresh in my mind.

hospital bag list

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1. Letter Board | 2. Essential Oil Diffuser | 3. Pillowcase Set | 4. Heirloom Baby Book | 5. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket | 6. Bath Towel | 7. Seamless Mesh Knit Underwear | 8. Collar Nightgown | 9. Beats Pill+ Portable Wireless Speaker | 10. Flip Flop Sandals | 11. Nursing Bra (5 pack) | 12. iPhone Charger 6ft | 13. Plush Fleece Slippers | 14. Yumi Kim Robe

postpartum essentials

| Shop My Postpartum Essentials |

1. Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads | 2. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags | 3. Dermoplast Pain & Itch Spray | 4. Breast Gel Pads/Nipple Relief | 5. Nipple Cream | 6. Bio Oil | 7. Kind Bars | 8. Gatorade Orange Drink | 9. Peeled Snacks Tropical Blend Dried Fruit

Happ Diaper Bag | Heirloom Baby Book | Monica & Andy Hospital Cuddle Box

What I’m Packing for the Baby: 

A few going home outfits | I’m packing a couple different options because we don’t know which ones are going to fit him

Baby Hats | I love this little hat with the ears

Monica & Andy Hospital Cuddle Box | This box includes a hat, newborn outfit, blanket and swaddle

Baby Blankets & Swaddles | We’re packing extra in case we have to stay longer!

baby clothes

This outfit is included in the Monica & Andy Hospital Cuddle Box

Baby Socks

Baby Mittens | They say that sometimes the baby’s nails are long and they tend to scratch their faces so the mittens will help prevent that.

Baby Gowns | love this grey one for photos. I also like this organic kimono gown for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night.

Wooden Name Plate | PacifierModern Pacifier Clip for Baby | 2 Button Baby Nightgown |  Sage Baby Gown 

Pacifiers | A lot of people suggested these soothies!


I’m told that the hospital provides you with diapers and wipes, but I’m packing my HONEST Wipes just in case.

Burp cloths

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1. Organic Cotton Socks | 2. Soothie | 3. Formula Dispenser and Snack Cup | 4. Short Sleeve Bodysuit | 5. Soundspa On-The-Go | 6. Dr. Browns BPA Natural Flow Bottle | 7. HONEST Wipes | 8.  On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser | 9. On The Go Gray Bag Dispenser | 10. Stroller Blanket | 11. Elephant Plush Pacifier Holder | 12. Happ Diaper Bag | 13. Faux Leather Tote  | 14. ToteSavvy Original 11-Pocket Diaper Bag | 15. MZ Wallace

What I’m Packing for Blake:

Pillow + Colored Pillowcase | I did the same for myself!

Blanket | I want Blake to be as comfortable as possible on the couch since he’s not allowed to leave with the new hospital regulations.

2-3 Changes of Clothes | You never know how long you may need to stay in the hospital after birth so we’re both bring extra clothes since we’re not allowed to leave no one is allowed to bring us anything 

Extra Pajamas

Travel Size Toiletries like deodorant, toothpaste, body wash etc…

iPhone charger | make sure you each have your own charger to be able to stay in touch with your family!

Large Refillable Water Bottle

Snacks | We’re packing plenty of snacks in Blake’s bag like gatorade, peanut butter crackers, snack bars and dried fruit


Beats Pill Speaker with charger | A lot of people told me they liked listening to music during labor.

Side Note! We originally packed our belongings in duffle bags, but once we realized that we needed even more items given the crazy circumstances we transferred everything into rolling bags to make it easier on ourselves when we check in.

Please let me know if there is anything I left out that you think we should bring.

hospital bags

The Hat You Need For Fall 2019

Happy weekend everyone, as promised today I’m sharing another affordable fall look with Nordstrom. In case you missed the first post, you can check it out here—> Long Sleeve Midi Dress + Ivory Ankle Boots

I’m sure you noticed that I’ve been wearing this wool felt hat on repeat lately including my last affordable fall outfit post and that’s because it’s my favorite fall accessory this year. If there is one hat you need for fall 2019, it’s this one or any other similar version of this wool felt hat. Nordstrom has a few great options that I linked below!

fall hat

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Outfit: Long Cardigan | Similar Tank Ellie Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans | Suede Ankle BootsSet of 3 Coin Pendant Necklaces  | Gucci Bag Joanna III Wool Felt Hat (I also like this hat) | Kendra Scott Val Hoops

fall hat

| Shop Wool Felt Hats from Nordstrom |

gucci bag

I love the fit of this chunky oversized cardigan from Nordstrom so much that I also got it in the oatmeal color too. If you like longer or less chunky cardigans, Nordstrom has a huge selection to choose from!

camel cardigan

panama hat

| Shop Wool Felt Hats from Nordstrom |

ankle booties

wool panama hat

wool felt hat

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Outfit: Long Cardigan | Similar Tank Ellie Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans | Suede Ankle BootsSet of 3 Coin Pendant Necklaces  | Gucci BagJoanna III Wool Felt Hat (I also like this hat) | Kendra Scott Val Hoops

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What to Expect from Haute Off The Rack in 2019

Hey everyone, I was supposed to get this blog post up last week, but I learn more and more every day that I can’t always expect myself to finish everything when I set unrealistic goals for myself. I feel liked I’ve failed when I don’t check everything off of my daily lists. I’ve been writing daily lists for myself since I was just a kid. It helps me feel organized and on track. So one of my goals this year is to do a better job of creating more attainable lists of daily tasks instead thinking I can do everything and spreading myself thin. Do not mistake this for me saying that I’m not going to dream big or work even harder than last year. I’m just going to focus on doing my best on fewer things instead of giving half of myself to more things.

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Outfit: Candy Dress in SilverLindsay Sandal | Disco Ball

 As far as what you can you can expect to see on Haute Off The Rack in 2019, I actually polled all of my followers on Instagram to learn more about what you want to see. After gathering everyone’s feedback, I have decided to continue sharing travel reviews, but with an equal amount of home decor posts too. Also, I will be sharing more try-on sessions on Instagram stories along with my goofy side with Blake that you asked for. I will of course continue to share my everyday looks and special occasion outfits, but I’ve also gotten quite a few requests for workwear outfits.  I’ve never technically worked in an office before, but I’ll find a way to incorporate more work appropriate looks here and there.

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Bellamy Turtleneck Sweater Dress | Philips 90ct Christmas LED Dewdrop Fairy String Lights – Warm White | Mar Vista Matelassé Duvet Cover | Lantern Candle Holder – Gold

For those of you who are newly engaged, you’ll be glad to know that I plan to incorporate wedding content back into my weekly posts since I still get so many questions about details and decor. You can expect to see them on Wedding Wednesdays. I will also make sure to post all of my DIY projects for parties and showers that I throw.

Most importantly, you can expect to feel confident, empowered and inspired to live your best life after visiting my blog or any of my social media platforms in 2019 because that is my #1 goal with Haute Off The Rack this year. I want the photos and stories I share to help women feel beautiful and encouraged to be their absolute best self. I am not perfect by all means and I’m not striving for perfection in 2019 either. Instead, I am striving for happiness and happiness comes with doing and feeling your best. It also comes with doing more of what you love and achieving your dreams and goals. So please feel free to stop by Haute Off The Rack anytime you need some inspiration and encouragement. And never hesitate so shoot me an email for more insight on a specific subject that I’ve covered on my blog. You can even email me with blog post requests. I am happy to answer your questions.

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Outfit: Express One Eleven Fleece Quarter-zip SweatshirtNike Air Max 270 Metallic Women’s Shoe | Alo Airbrush Tech Lift High Waist Capris MZ Wallace Quilted Rose Gold Metallic Metro Backpack |adidas Originals Relaxed Debossed Cap

Okay, now who wants to know where I’m traveling to this year? So far, I have Cuba booked with a group of friends in just a couple weeks. We also have Hawaii booked for May with my whole family, which we’re super excited for. I have Positano on my list for spring, but I haven’t booked it just yet. Blake really wants to visit Turks and Caicos Islands, which I am all for, but I know nothing about! Have you been before? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Where are you traveling to in 2019?

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Furniture:  Wood Leona Farmhouse Extension Dining Table Neutral Linen Paige Dining Bench  | Natural Linen Paige Round Back Dining Chairs | 3 Tier Rolling Bar Cart | Flatware & China c/o Simplee Gourmet |

Decor: Light Grey Sheepskin | Silver and Gold Mercury Pillar Candle| BIRCH VOTIVE CANDLEHOLDERGold Fern and Berry Garland 3×3 Ivory Sugared Vanilla Bean Pillar Candle | Pencil Christmas Tree| Light Fixture above dining table| Gold Light Fixtures above island |MacKenzie-Childs Silver Lining Wreath – Small| Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes |

Last, but not least, Blake and I are highly considering renting an apartment in New York for a month this fall. We’ve never lived anywhere else together and we thought it would be fun to try and live in a completely different city for a month. Blake would of course have to take his work with him, and work would actually be even easier for me in New York because that’s where most of the brands I work with are based. We have no intention of actually moving there. We have all of our friends and family here in Louisiana that we could never leave so we thought this would be the perfect way to just get a taste of living somewhere else. I think it would be a great experience for us. Have you ever done something like this before?

My  5 Personal Goals For 2019:

  1. Try harder to be on time!
  2. Make healthier choices and stay active because I always feel happier when my body is healthy.
  3. Put more in my savings account and less in my closet. Don’t worry! I will still be adding to my closet, but I will be a little less frivolous
  4. This should be my lifetime goal, but I want to work on being a better wife and friend.
  5. Do more adventurous activities. I’m such a scaredy cat, but I want to face my fears if it means having a little more fun.

What are some of your goals for 2019?

What To Wear For Holiday Photos

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend. I can’t believe we’re already in November. The holidays are officially upon us and you know what that means…holiday photos for holiday cards! Don’t worry though because I’ve got plenty of affordable outfit ideas for you from Nordstrom. As for the boys, the Nordstrom Men’s Shop has you covered there too. We of course all know how to dress ourselves, but coordinating outfits with your significant is a whole other ball game and I’m not even going to attempt to throw kids into the equation. I don’t know how mom’s do it!

| Shop Our Looks |

Blake’s Outfit: Classic Fit Dress Shirt | White Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt | Navy Blazer | Straight Leg Pants | Wingtip Boots | Cognac Belt

Jenn’s Outfit: Burgundy Dress | Similar Faux Fur Stole | Nude Ankle Strap Heels 

My exact velvet dress already sold out, but I linked to a bunch super burgundy dress options below!

| Shop Burgundy Dresses |

Fortunately, when it comes to holidays dresses and cute skirts or tops with jeans, Nordstrom has endless options. And what’s even better is that they also carry men’s and children’s clothing too so you can find all of your outfits in one place. The Nordstrom Men’s Shop is super easy to navigate and has plenty of men’s shirts and accessories at affordable prices. That’s what I’ve been going to for Blake’s outfits this season. I just send him a few links from each category to choose from and he picks out what he wants before I place our whole order together.

What to wear for holiday photos:

1) If you don’t even know where to begin with your outfit, pick a theme or color scheme that you know you’ll both look good in and that will also go well with your shoot location. Then go to Nordstrom online and just start putting all of your favorites in your cart. Then narrow it down to the outfits you know you’ll actually wear and order them all to try on because Nordstrom offers free and super easy returns. So you might as well try all of your options.

2) Look good and feel good! Choose an outfit that you feel confident in and that looks good from all angles so that you don’t limit yourself when it comes to photo shoot poses. You’ll want your outfit to flatter you from all angles when it comes to wearing it around town anyway.

3) Pick your outfit first! Things usually run more smoothly if you choose your outfit first because it’s easier to build his outfit when we know what else we’re working with. Just be sure to choose colors and accessories for him that will complement your outfit.

4) The most important thing about his outfit is to make sure everything fits. If his clothes are too big, the the whole outfit will look sloppy and if anything is too tight on him, he’ll just feel uncomfortable the whole time. Trust me, you don’t want your guy to feel uncomfortable during a photo shoot when he’d rather be doing something else than taking Christmas photos on Saturday.

| Shop Our Looks |

Blake’s Outfit: Classic Fit Dress Shirt | White Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt | Navy Blazer | Straight Leg Pants | Wingtip Boots | Cognac Belt

Jenn’s Outfit: Burgundy Dress | Similar Faux Fur Stole | Nude Ankle Strap Heels 

| Shop Burgundy Dresses |

Photos by: Aperture Co Photos 

This post is in partnership with Nordstrom, a brand I love. All opinions and selections here are my own. Thank you for supporting the affiliate posts who make this blog possible.