Sneak Peek Sunday

Photos by: Max Zoghbi

Hey everyone!  Above is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s post!  Don’t forget to check back Monday morning!  Also,  I’m really happy because I had no idea that I could add Haute Off The Rack to my home screen on my Iphone!   I’m kind of behind in the Iphone world, but I was ecstatic when I figured out how to do this.  I’m sure a lot of you probably already know how, but in the case you don’t just follow the steps below!  I’ll keep these 4 simple steps on my Contact page just in case you don’t get around to doing this today.

P.S. Did you see the exciting news in my Virgins Saints and Angels post from earlier today?  Mercedes Hart, the voice behind VSA Designs tweets, facebook and blog, has added me to to the list to view the sneak peaks of each new VSA collection for my blog. You know what that means…..You’re on the list too!!! So you’ll get to see all of the new VSA jewelry collections before they hit the stores!!